Monto has just released a new set of features for our Webflow reviews app! This update includes 3 new exciting layouts, featured reviews, an embed code generator, extra options, and more!

New Webflow Review Layouts

In addition to the original 2 layouts of the star rating and horizontal reviews, we have added 3 new options to choose from!

Star Rating

This was one of the original layouts and is great for putting underneath product titles on a store grid page or on the product detail page. It only shows a summary of the reviews received for a product.

Horizontal Layout

This is the other option you've probably seen and is used to display a list of the reviews received in a horizontal format and allow people to submit a new review.

Masonry Layout

This is the first of the new layouts we just released! It displays all the reviews received in a masonry format, with each review as a card.

Text Slider

This is a great way to display your reviews or testimonials on your homepage or a sales page as social proof. You can either open the slider up to all published reviews or restrict it to only special "featured" reviews you select.

Image Slider

Similar to the text slider, this image slider is an easy way to display your customer's photos in a nice format on your homepage or an interior page. This is especially good for very visual products. It can also adhere to the featured reviews filter.

New Monto Review Options

Review Your Business

The old review code was coded around individual products or CMS items. Now, you can allow your customers to review your business itself!

Many of you have requested this feature and we're excited to release it with this update! We think this will especially be useful for sites that offer a service as opposed to products.

Along with the ability to review your site itself, you also have the option to review:

  • The current product / CMS
  • An entire collection (such as products, authors, etc.)
  • All Review for all products
  • Multiple individual items you specify

Show or Hide Review Parts

You can now show or hide the Monto header and star ratingnumber on a per embed basis. The review header includes the score summary and the "Write Review" button.

You definitely want to include this on individual product pages, but it might be best to hide it on your homepage for instance. The star rating number is the numerical score that is displayed next to the stars.

Featured Reviews

As we mentioned earlier, you can now pick your best reviews and mark them as "featured." In the Reviews Browse page, you can toggle the featured banner on individual reviews.

If you only want your featured reviews to show up on the sliders, then you can toggle the "Only show "Featured" reviews in the slider layouts" option on the Configure page.

This is separate from the existing "pin" feature which will show pinned reviews at the top of your review lists on page.

The Embed Code Generator!

This is one we're really excited about as you can tell!

As we've added more and more features over the years to Monto's reviews, we've realized that it has become a little cumbersome. It wasn't intuitive to edit the default embed code to make it display exactly what you want. We want to make Monto super easy to use... so we've fixed that!

Introducing the Monto embed code generator!

You'll find the generator on the Reviews Setup page. Its super easy to use.

Simply pick the layout you want, select from the dropdown what you want to review, choose your options and then voila! The review code will be automatically generated for you. All you need to do is copy the code and paste it in Webflow where you want.

You can even click the "Show Preview" button if you want to see a live preview of what it will look like before you put it on your site.