Customer Portal for Webflow

Allow your customers access to all of their past history so they can track orders, review products, and earn money referring more customers to your site –all in a branded and customizable dashboard!
Branded customer portal for Webflow ecommerce stores to let customers track shipments and orders
Monto customer dashboard recent orders and subscriptions

Let customers track past orders & subscriptions

Monto elevates your customer engagement and satisfaction by providing easy access to order status, package tracking, and their reviews – all in a streamlined and user-friendly interface.

Allow customers to instantly become affiliates & refer their friends

Your customers will have their own referrals page where they can see exactly how much money they've earned so far, recent orders, form submissions, payouts, and more!

Monto affiliate portal for affiliates and referrals
Upload files only your customers can access in Webflow

Upload files that can only be accessed by customers, subscribers, or affiliates

With Monto's Customer Portal app, you can easily upload files to share with your customers, affiliates, and/or subscribers. Easily gatekeep affiliate ads, subscription software, or simply share relevant files with your customers!

Customize to Match Your Brand

Monto allows you to personalize your customer portal with ease. Upload your unique logo, integrate your distinct brand colors, link your social media profiles, and tailor the menu items to suit your specific needs.

Add to Your Site
Customize your Webflow customer portal with brand colors, logo, and text
post announcements for your customers, subscribers, or affiliates in their portal

Post announcements to keep your customers informed & motivated

Whether you are releasing a new product, having a limited-time sale, or want to give your past customers a discount code, you can now easily do it all in Monto's Customer Portal app!

Branded subdomain with secure and simple log-in flow

Customize your portal's URL and link to it on your site and in order confirmation emails so customers can easily keep track of their past orders. They can either receive a one-time link in their email or set a password for each access.

customize your customer portal subdomain address
Customize the menu and add help links to your site

Add custom links, edit menu items, & give your customers a way to reach you

Easily arrange or hide menu pages in the portal. Include direct communication channels for assistance and integrate custom links to guide customers to targeted content on your website.

How our customers are using Monto

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Sifter logo

Monto has been an incredible tool to give patients a voice. It has enabled Sifter Health to get a competitive edge in telemedicine by allowing patients to leave reviews of their experience with a provider.

SifterHealth uses Monto to....

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Nalen logo

Monto's review service has been invaluable to us at Nalen Ayurveda, we have been using since we launched last year. It's extremely easy to use, and the team at Monto are always extremely helpful and great to work with. We are super happy!

SifterHealth uses Monto to....

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Rullus logo

Monto's great products consolidate our marketing stack and maximise our sales. Awesome customer experience, too. We’re all in.

SifterHealth uses Monto to....

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