We're excited to roll out a new expanded dashboard for Monto customers! 

The new dashboard is FREE for any Webflow user who has a Monto account, but it definitely works best if you're using our apps as you'll get even deeper analytics.

As we all know, Webflow is pretty sparse when it comes to ecommerce data, trends, and analytics. You currently only see a list of orders with no way to tell if today was your all time high in revenue or if it was a slight slump. We wanted to change that and make it super easy for you to get a quick snapshot view of how your store is doing. Monto now automatically pulls in recent order data from your Webflow account and presents it in a useful and beautiful way.

So what are all the new features? Let's dig in...

Top Level Stats & Trends

When you first come to the dashboard, you'll see a row of your top level numbers from today, last 7 days, last 30 days, and all time. We tell you how much revenue you've made and from how many orders.

You'll also see 3 charts with trends of orders, avg. order value, and revenue over your selected time period.

Webflow ecommerce stats and trends

CRM Customers

The next section relates to Monto's CRM app (currently in FREE beta) and displays your total number of customers as well as the number of new customers, new orders, and average order value in the selected time period. We also display the change in these numbers from this period (such as last 30 days) to the previous period. In this case, new customers has gone down slightly but average order value is up!

You'll also see a handy bar chart of the most purchased products from your store.

Webflow customer data and stats

All of this information is currently available to all Monto customers without signing up for a CRM app trial or subscription.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Monto's Abandoned Cart Recovery app is a super easy and powerful way to recover lost revenue. So, we've added it to the dashboard so that you can easily track how much revenue was recovered by our app, the number of recoverable revenue, recovered carts, and recoverable carts.

Webflow abandoned cart recovery stats

If you're not subscribed to Monto's ACR app, then you'll only be able to see the "recoverable revenue" and "recoverable carts". Once you signup for a free trial and start recovering revenue then you'll unlock the other two stats.


Next, we come to Monto Reviews. Here you'll see the average product rating across all your products as well as the number of review emails sent and the reviews submitted in the current time period.

Webflow review stats

You'll only be able to view these stats once you signup for a free trial or subscription to Monto's review app.

Simple Subscriptions

Monto's Simple Subscriptions app lets you make any Webflow product into a recurring revenue stream. You can let your users signup for a monthly membership, etc. to receive your product on a reoccurring basis.

We've added the subscription stats into the new dashboard so you can easily track your revenue from only your subscription products, the number of active subscriptions you have and the new subscription signups in the given time period.

Webflow subscription stats

Since all of these stats only pertain to stores using Monto's subscriptions app, then none of these stats are available unless you signup for a free trial or subscription.

Affiliates & Referrals

Monto's easy to use Webflow Affiliates app lets you earn passive revenue by having your customers sell for you!

We want to help you see how well your affiliate partners are doing, so we added the affiliate revenue, number of active affiliates, and number of new affiliates within the given period to the dashboard.

webflow affiliate revenue stats

These statistics are only available to stores who have signed up for the affiliate trial or subscription.

Customer Location Chart

Lastly but certainly not least is Monto's Multi-Currency Conversion App. This automated app will detect the location of your customer and in real-time convert the price of your products into their local currency.

In order to help you get an idea of how global your business is and how much you might benefit from our app, we included a nice little bar chart that shows how many orders you've received in the given time period from each country.

Webflow customer location bar chart stat

As you can see above, this store has quite a global presence and might greatly benefit from making it easy for customers to understand their prices without having to do a conversion themselves.

This chart is currently available for FREE to any Monto customer!

Future Plans

We're planning on continuing to expand the Monto dashboard to included more and more information, so stay tuned!

Let us know if there's something that you think would be a useful chart or stat to show.